Goes On&On&On ..

here is a list of my favorite bands, songs, and whatever else.

this is undeniably, a large part of my humanity..

my only sense of permanence lies on this page.

i hope on here, you will find something that speaks to you.




waiting and debating for the time and the day

i should unleash every single plan that i made

plan that i made, why i aim for the head

every kid and teacher that picked on me ...



this is counter culture from the underground,

eternal revolution is our sound!

KMFDM, better than the best

megalomaniacal and harder than the rest!



i see your face, and i know i'm alive...

you're shooting stars from the barrel of your eyes..



i watch as time stops,

i am a ghost in my own body ..



born wasted, fated

could never make my voice heard..



you love to feel this way

so you scream, could it be?

you give it all away

admission free, could it be?



friends are getting worried, call you when i'm sober

take another pill, I can't leave my bedroom

voices in my head say, that I will be dead soon, that I will be dead soon . .



'cause this is a wasteland, my only retreat

with heaven above you, there's hell over me ...



let me clear the air, I don't consider you a friend

oh, how we were toxic, it was to our benefit ..



this world rejects me

this world threw me away

this world never gave me a chance--

this world's gonna have to pay ..



good writing music ..






what i don't want, i waste!



why'd you have to choose violence?

you could've just been quiet ..



i watched a change in you,

it's like you never had wings ..



love, love

love cut you deep..



be obscene, baby, and not heard !



thinking ..



am i wrong? have i run too far to get home?



god money, i'd do anything for you!



got my mind made up, and my trigger finger ready to blow!



eye the pressure, get out of here

you hear me? i feel the pressure ..



i take one step forward, then two steps back--

'til i run out of time in the hourglass

when heaven is full and hell don't want me back,

watch it fade to black, as i relapse.



your mind's the drug and you skipped the intervention.



no matter how hard i try, you're never satisfied

this is not our home, i think i'm better off alone



even if i say, "it'll be alright,"

still i hear you say, you want to end your life ...



i tried so hard, and got so far

but in the end, it doesn't even matter.



it's cold, but i will swear to hold you tight

( just run away with me, just run away with me. )



i could disintegrate right in front of your eyes,

and you wouldn't know whether if i was dead or alive.


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